School Code No : 46375

CBSE Affiliation No : 1930684

  • Top 10 schools in Ramanathapuram
    Be kind and be truthful
    and your life will be fruitful
  • Top 10 schools in Ramanathapuram
    Always desire to learn
    something useful
  • Top 10 schools in Ramanathapuram
    The great aim of education
    is not knowledge, but action
  • Top 10 schools in Ramanathapuram
    What you learn today is
    what you will become tomorrow
  • Ramanathapuram Top 10 schools
    Small Opportunities are often
    The beginning of Great Achievements
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Welcome To Top 10 schools in Ramanathapuram

We are one of the Top 10 schools in Ramanathapuram, preparing all students to be more knowledgeable, academically, socially, and culturally for future success. It is established to inculcate good works habits, social attitude, and leadership qualities. It is planned to develop good character and conduct to uplift the innate potentialities. Its main aim is to mould a good citizen from the childhood. It is planned to serve the society with philanthropic tendency.

The school believes that education should develop moral and social values in children. It wants to prepare the students to meet the challenges in life, students are moulded not only for making a living but also to serve the society. In short activities are designed to ensure all - round development of the student.

Ramanathapuram Top 10 schools


It is established with a missionary zeal to impart a quality education to the people of Ramanathapuram and its surroundings. It is located in Venkulam, Devipattinam Road, Ramanathapuram. It is a long term dream brought in front of us to bring our children high in all aspects . It is also guided and counseled by a team of Educationalists and Academicians. It is proposed to offer International standard with magnanimity in a low fee structure. The main objective of the school is to establish educational institutions of high calibre for the benefit of the children irrespective of caste, creed and colour.


Shifan Noor Global Academy is a school run by SHIFAN EDUCATIONAL TRUST headed by Dr.I. MANSOOR M.Sc., M.B.B.S., D.C.H., and Dr H. NOORUL HAWA M.S (Gen)., D.G.O., It is a 10 years dream of our chair persons. In the city Ramanathapuram they already established SHIFAN HOSPITAL. This school is a new blossom in their effort. Both are going on successfully. The trust aims to develop the society, blend the values, knowledge, quest for quality and excellence.

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Ramanathapuram Top 10 schools

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Ramanathapuram Top 10 schools

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Ramanathapuram Top 10 schools


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Chairman Message

My main aim is to provide international standard of education in the rural people of our backward area. It is my foremost desire to start the institution. It is my duty to guide the parents to keep on their wards in watching the behavior in early rising, good manners and gentleman behavior, truthfulness, cleanliness, dignity of labour etc., in their home.

Dr. Mansoor M.Sc.,MBBS.,DCH.,

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