School Code No : 55586

CBSE Affiliation No : 1930684

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Chairman Message

My main aim is to provide international standard of education in the rural people of our backward area. It is my foremost desire to start the institution.

It is my duty to guide the parents to keep on their wards in watching the behavior in early rising, good manners and gentleman behavior, truthfulness, cleanliness, dignity of labour etc., in their home. Their words should not be allowed to be in the bad company either through friends or TV or Internet. They should not be allowed to see Cinema / TV shows or the Internet except those meant for the students.

Unless the parents/ guardians have full faith in the educational ideals of the school and unless the full co operation is received from them the training in the school for the formation of characters of the students cannot be effective. We provide all the curricular and Co curricular provision to everybody without expecting any royalty. Especially in addition to academic side, Picnics, Tours, Sports activities within the district and state. Medical facilities, conduction of exhibitions, projects in all fields and the cultural programs are also provided. The education, in order to be effective and truthful, it must be Man-making, that is, it must bring about integrated development of personality in the students. This can be achieved only if a student is being brought up in a congenial atmosphere.

- Dr. Mansoor M.Sc.,MBBS.,DCH.,